La Cava Gourmet Shop Ibiza

Gourmet & Delicatessen products

We are a gourmet shop located in the center of Passeig de Vara de Rei, in Ibiza. We make a select catalog of gastronomic items with our own name, a lot of love for good work and a raw material whose quality is proportional to the joy they awaken in the palate, such as those made by Casa Santoña, Paco Lafuente, Conserves Ortiz, La Catedral de Navarra, Julián Martín, Espiga Blanca, The Fini Cheese Co., Xocolata Amatller, Simon Coll… Without forgetting, of course, the typical products of Ibiza made by, among others, Companatge, Can Rich, Ses Cabretes, Ibizkus and Sal d’Eivissa.

Mobile Phone: +34 682 141 591


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Monday 11.00–24.00 Tuesday 11.00–24.00 Wednesday 11.00–24.00 Thursday 11.00–24.00 Friday 11.00–1.00 Saturday 11.00–1.00 Sunday Closed