Tapas Tavern

David Reartes captains this tavern of urban spirit, along with Matías Kelly, where tribute is paid to creative tapas and tapas of a lifetime.

David maintains the same line of work and it is his sign of identity; simple but elaborated tapas with local products.

Thus, in the menu you will find traditional tapas such as ham croquettes, squid Andalusian style, a plate of Iberian ham or sobrasada ibicenca, which coexist with other more creative tapas, which bring an air of avant-garde and surprise: the upside down egg with creamy potato skin and sobrasada or the low loin in smoked grilled Café de Paris are some examples.

Reart is a warm tavern, where you come to enjoy with the five senses, to enjoy tasty tapas in a dynamic, informal and fun atmosphere, where the kitchen is open to everyone and you can witness the great work of David and his team.

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